A1 Highway Timisoara – Lugoj

Timis County, Western Romania

Providing preliminary to final engineering design services for Section 1 of a TEN-T network highway, connecting western Romania to Hungary and the rest of the country to improve commerce, tourism and general travel.

The Timisoara- Lugoj highway is part of the greater TEN-T network which, in Romania, crosses the country from Nadlac to Constanta. Internally, it connects the cities Timisoara to Lugoj, offering a modern and safe time- and cost-saving transportation option. Consitrans was responsible for the preliminary and final engineering design phases, as well as technical assistance and monitoring during the execution phase of Section 1. The Highway Bypass of Timisoara which is a 9.5 km stretch and includes 2 road junctions, 6 overpasses, 4 bridges and two Type 3 service areas.


km Highway





Total Project Value:

RON 210,369,462.74

EURO 47,047,784 aprox

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