• Highway Length: 32.5 km
  • Overpasses: 21
  • Accidents: – 60%
  • Total Project Value – Lei: 888,519,457.27 RON
  • Total Project Value – Euro: aprox 197,391,744 €
  • Status: in progress

Hunedoara County, Western Romania

Providing Construction Supervision and Contract Management services for a “Greenfield” bypass construction to decongest traffic, increase fluency, reduce environmental pollution and reduce accidents by 60% thereby stimulating travel, tourism and commerce.

The Deva – Orastie bypass highway is part of TEN-T network which, in Romania, crosses the country from Nadlac to Constanta. The project is a “Greenfield” bypass construction type, decongesting traffic, increasing fluency, reducing accidents by 60%, reducing environmental pollution and stimulating travel and commerce around Deva and Orastie, located in the western part of Romania. Entrance to the bypass is from east of Orastie connecting to National Road DN7/DN76 and . Consitrans was responsible for the Construction Supervision and Contract Management services which includes 32.5 km of 2-lane per direction highway, 3 road junctions, 21 overpasses and bridges with a length between 24-100 m and 116 culverts.