• Highway Length: 63.25 km
  • Overpasses: 40
  • Junctions: 6
  • Maintenance centers: 2
  • Parking-service spaces: 4
  • Status: Feasibility Study – finished
  • Technical Project – in work

A7 Highway – Ploiesti – Buzau

For this project we provided the analysis for the best highway positioning and layout, followed by the Feasibility Study and Technical project.

Part of our contract was the providing a 3D visualization of the highway, in order to have a life-like image of the project. In this way we can study the general geometry and aspect and we can prevent the problems which may appear during the construction phase.

The film presents the highway between the connection with A3 Highway, near Ploiesti until the last junction with DN2B, near Buzau.