• Quay on Sulina channel : 400 m
  • Quay on maritime basin: 400 m
  • oncrete platform adjacent to the quays: 28.800 m2
  • Acces road to the street network of Sulina: 650 m
  • Dredging of the acces area for the quays

Sulina Port – quay modernization

This feasibility study proposed and integrated modernization of the port of Sulina, in order of increasing the freight loading/unloading capacity. The main objectives of this project were as following:

  • Rehabilitation and modernization of the docking infrastructure for ships with bulk cargo or in the future for containers
  • Utilities network necessary for providing ships with water and electricity
  • New road to the port infrastructure
  • Creating a platform for the port, in order of providing a base element for future development