• 12 Ports

  • Piers: 16.200 m

  • 7 TEN-T Ports

Danube River – Eastern Romania

Providing a feasibility study 7 TEN-T ports and 5 ports outside the TEN-T network on the Danube River in order to stimulate rehabilitation of the naval infrastructure.

The ports on the fluial Danube River have over 16,200m of piers, of which 20% have been estimated to be more than 80 years old with an urgent need for modernization and 65% in a degraded state due to the lack of funds for repairs and maintenance. Part of the POST program (Operational Sectorial Transport Program) whose main objectives are to modernize and develop the national transport network in Romania, particularly those part of the TEN-T network, the repair works on the piers present an opportunity.

Feasibility Study for 7 TEN-T ports (EUR 174,595.277 with VAT) part of the TEN-T Core Network Corridors. Consitrans’ scope is, through the study to improve the infrastructure quality of Romanian ports as well as improve the security of the machinery and equipment of the following ports:

  • Port Moldova Veche
  • Port Drobeta Turnu Severin
  • Port Calafat
  • Port Giurgiu
  • Port Oltenita
  • Port Calarasi
  • Port Cernavoda

Feasibility Study for 5 ports outside the TEN-T network (EUR 49,409.415 with VAT) are part of the POST program aiming to modernize and develop the national infrastructure to build a durable transport system for maritime and fluvial ports:

  • Bazias
  • Orsova
  • Cetate
  • Bechet
  • Corabia

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