• Lungime: 10 km
  • Pasarele: 3
  • Intersecții: 3
  • Valoare totala – lei: 1,760,000 RON
  • Valoare totala – euro: aproximativ 47,047,784.3 €
  • Status: finalizat

Bucharest, Romania

Providing preliminary to final engineering design to modernize 10km of the southern portion of the capital’s ring road to improve traffic handling capacity, redistributing traffic and decongesting city streets.

The Bucharest Ring Road connects all roads headed towards the city: 8 National Roads and 2 Highways. Used primarily by heavy vehicles, traffic fluency very difficult. It’s widening to 4 lanes represents a necessity, in a large part because improving its traffic handling capacity will redistribute traffic and decongest the city streets. The section modernized includes a 10 km section of the Bucharest Ring Road, located south of the city and runs parallel with the railroad. Consitrans was responsible for the technical design.

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