• Lungime pod: 3.56 km
  • Lungime autostrada: 6.44 KM
  • Poduri: 14
  • Valoare totala – lei: 562,730,583.80 RON
  • Valoare totala – euro: aproximativ 128,000,000 €
  • Status: in lucru

Bucharest, Romania

Providing Construction Supervision and Contract Management services for the Ciurel Suspension Bridge, part of a much larger expressway project that will connect Independence Pier Road to the Bucharest – Pitesti Highway.

Aiming to be an important decongesting and connecting artery, the works will include a 6 lane expressway (3 lanes per direction) with side roads for transiting traffic. The entire project includes 14 bridge structures, the main, and the first objective under construction is the Ciurel suspension bridge, a 235.2 m bridge with 2 lanes per direction to cross the Dambovita River. The Ciurel suspension bridge includes a main pylon (24 foundation piles) and 2 columns (35 foundation piles each) and will eventually connect to the Virtutii Bridge through multiples structures with 4 columns (14 foundation piles) and 2 on/off access roads. The Virtutii Bridge has 1 abutment and 4 columns (68 foundation piles).

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