• Lungime: 11.76 m
  • Chei de trecere
  • Apărarea împotriva inundațiilor
  • Valoare totala – lei: 7,385,600 RON
  • Valoare totala – euro: aproximativ 1,649,420 €
  • Status: finalizat

Gorj County, Southwestern Romania

Providing preliminary to final construction drawing design and technical assistance for necessary rehabilitation and modernization of piers on the Jiu River.

As a result of rains, the existing piers’ canopy was negatively affected, resulting uneven on the Jiu River, between Rovinari and Valeni. In order to rehabilitate and modernize the piers, flood defense works were implemented, including the superelevation of the existing piers and nearby works, banks consolidation and pier crossing. Consitrans was responsible for the technical design and construction permit authorization.

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