• Lungime autostradă: 58.7 km
  • Pasarele: 5
  • Poduri: 6
  • Valoare totala – lei: 11,147,101.40 RON
  • Valoare totala – euro: aproximativ 2,495,489 €
  • Status: finalizat

Southern Romania

Providing Construction Supervision and Contract Management services for 58.7 km, Sections 1 and 2, to improve traffic flow for tourism travel and commerce.

The Bucharest – Brasov Highway is part of the National Highways Government Development Program. This highway connects Bucharest, namely the south-east of the country and Brasov, facilitating access to the center and west of the country, for domestic and international traffic of goods and passengers as well as tourism. Consitrans was responsible for Construction Supervision and Contract Management for section 1A and 1B for a total of 42.5 km of the portion from Bucharest to Ploiesti including 6 bridges, 5 overpasses and 3 road junctions.