• Lungime autostradă: 28.6 km
  • Pasarele: 9
  • Poduri: 2
  • Valoare totală – lei: 562,730,583.80 RON
  • Valoare totală – euro: aproximativ 128,000,000 €
  • Status: în lucru

Western Romania

Providing Construction Supervision and Contract Management services for 28.6 km, Section 2, to improve traffic flow for travel, tourism and commerce.

The Lugoj – Deva highway is part of the IV TEN-T Transport Corridor which, in Romania, crosses the country from Nadlac to Bucharest to Constanta. The Lugoj – Deva portion is situated in the West of Romania. Part of a JV with Primacons, Consitrans was responsible for Construction Supervision and Contract Management services of Section 1. Works include a 28.6 km highway section with 1 road junction (with National Road DN68A and a railroad), 9 overpasses, 2 bridges and 1 viaduct. The project also included 1 – type S1 – rest stop (11,900 m2) on both sides of the highway and a Maintenance and Coordination Center.