• Suprafața: 129,558 square metres
  • Pistă de decolare: 1
  • Platformă: 1
  • Valoare totala – lei 49,484,685 RON
  • Valoare totala – euro: aproximativ 11,079,322 €
  • Status: finalizat

Tulcea, Eastern Romania

Providing Construction Supervision and Management for the runway and platform of the rehabilitation of this international airport.

The “Delta Dunarii” Airport is the second most important airport in the Dobrogea area after the Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport in Constanta. The rehabilitation and modernization included 68,035.98 tons of asphalt mixture and 3,588.75 m3 of BcR5 concrete. Works on the runway, the taxiway, the platform itself, the drainage and lighting system, as well as all surface traffic markings increase the safety, comfort and security of passengers and airplanes. Consitrans was responsible for the construction management services.

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