• Lungime autostradă: 3.32 km
  • Pasarele: 2
  • Intersecții: 3
  • Valoare totala lei: 129,180,727.51 RON
  • Valoare totala euro: aproximativ 28,922,785 €
  • Status: terminat

Bucharest, Romania

Providing Construction Supervision and Contract Management for the final section of the Bucharest-Ploiesti Highway, connecting the city of Bucharest to the already existing highway sections in order to facilitate highway access from the capital.

The Bucharest-Brasov Highway is part of the National Highway Development Strategy. The highway connects Bucharest with Brasov, facilitating access towards central and western Romania for local and international travel, whether for tourism or trade. At the same time, the highway ensures direct, convenient and fast access to the touristic destinations in the Prahova Valley during the entire year. Consitrans is responsible for Section 1, a 3.325 km portion representing the connection between northern Bucharest and the other sections already in development. Works include 2 overpasses, 1 road junction, completion of 2 other road junctions, 2 short-term parking areas and 2 intersections.